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Corto (the shop)’s New Year Opening Times

We thought it was about time, since we’ve been open for a week or so now, to let you know when we’ll be open over the next few weeks.

It’s still a festive time, after all, and we know you need to re-stock those fridges with beer, cider and bubbly. (We’ve got some ace natural fizz in by the way…)

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Woohoo! The Corto Shop is Opening on Saturday 19th December 2020

We’re OVERJOYED and OVEREXCITED to tell you that we’re opening Corto as a shop on Saturday 19th December from 11am – 6pm.

Has anything good happened in 2020? Well, lots of great beer, wine and cider was made. So we want to share it with you.

We’re getting a temporary wall in place so you don’t get covered in building dust or fall down any holes, and the front of the bar is being turned entirely into a shop, selling natural wine, natural cider and perry, and a whole massive selection of brilliant beers.

We’ll also be serving hot and cosy mulled cider, made by us with cider from Udders Cider in Huddersfield.

Come in, say hello, don’t be shy. Have a little nosey. Ask a bunch of questions. We’re here for you!

Whatever you like, we’ll find you something you’ll love!

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Listen to Corto on BBC Radio 6 Music – The Open Arms with Shaun Keaveny

On Friday 11th December we were ripping up the floorboards in the back of the bar and listening to the radio. We always have the radio on. Radio 6, of course.Katie got a bit bored and texted in to try and get a shoutout. She does that a lot. It’s quite sad really.

Anyway, a text turned into a phonecall, and she ended up on Shaun Keaveny’s programme choosing a drink and a tune for the jukebox at his fictional Friday afternoon pub The Open Arms!

They chatted about missing the pubs during lockdown, Corto, and a few other things too. Have a listen.

Thank you to Joel for ripping this from the BBC Sounds app so we can keep this very weird moment for posterity.

What we loved most was having so many people message us to ask “WAS THAT YOU ON THE RADIO??” Yes! It was! It made our day to know not only that our future customers are 6 music listeners (aka. Very cool)  but that they recognised that it was us being chatted about on live radio. Ha! Brilliant.

And if you don’t want to listen but you’re curious to know what Katie chose to drink and to listen to: a pint of sparkled bitter each for her and Tom, and Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zeppelin.

The ultimate Friday tune.

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Exciting News! We’ve Got The Keys and We’re In

This week has been one of our most exciting yet. We got the keys to 36 King Street, Clitheroe. We’re in!

We’ve spent the past few days taking more measurements and figuring stuff out, but we’re here. Let’s hope we can get the work done quickly and get open soon!

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