Two photos of Corto bar owners Katie Mather and Tom Mather with the caption: "An enthusiast and a drinks writer making the bar of their dreams." Imagery is in teal, black and white.

Corto is the bar of our dreams.

Corto: the smallest drink with the biggest tapas payoff.

We are Katie and Tom Mather, two Clitheroe locals who love beer, cider and wine. Katie is a drinks writer and Tom is an enthusiast — and the licensee.

Here we serve drinks we know you’re going to love, whether that’s a bright and blissful glass of natural cider, a sharebottle saison, a gluggable glou-glou* or a perfect pint of bitter.

*Glou-glou: Drinkable, chuggable, totally unpretentious, totally delicious wine.

Our Drinks + Snacks

We think things taste better when you know their stories. If you want to find out about what you’re drinking and why we chose it, ask us. We’d love to tell you more. If you just want to get on with drinking it, don’t let us stand in your way.

We also serve snacks in the grand tradition of all your favourite holiday bars. Cheese, charcuterie, salads, bread, oil, balsamic… Delicious little bits to keep you going. Check our menus for any weekly or daily specials.