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Duckworth & Duprez at Corto – Clitheroe Jazz Festival

You know ‘em and you love ‘em — Mark Duckworth and Ted Brunning-Duprez are coming back to Corto to perform for the Clitheroe Jazz Festival on Sunday 1st May from 4pm!

Bringing their super-chilled Latin jazz and flamenco vibes to Corto, this is a wonderful opportunity to see two extremely talented local musicians performing in a bright, intimate space.

Entry is £5 on the door — no tickets sold for this event and it is strictly first-come, first-served. We’ll have standing room as well as seating, but our maximum capacity is limited. We are a small bar after all!

Clitheroe Jazz Festival

We’re chuffed to be an official Clitheroe Jazz Festival venue for the town-wide Clitheroe Jazz and Blues Festival 2022.

Taking place from April 29th until the 2nd May, it’s a celebration of live music that takes place in venues around Clitheroe for the whole May Bank Holiday weekend.

It’s your chance to see live jazz and blues artists in their element, from international artists at The Grand to local musicians at pubs, clubs and bars (like Corto!)

Grab a full map of each official venue and a line-up list from us the next time you’re in.

Aside from Duckworth & Duprez, we’re particularly excited to see K.O.G at The Grand, Clitheroe — a multi-talented, multi-dimentional artist, Kweku Of Ghana (his full stage name) will be sharing his writing, poetry, singing, rap, percussion and “Shamanistic” live performance on Saturday 30th April.

It’s going to be an incredible weekend. See you there.

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Mod Weekender comes to Corto – flamenco vibes, let’s go


The Ribble Valley Mod Weekender is taking over Clitheroe this weekend after a year away and we’re super jazzed to be involved this time.

All weekend from Friday to Sunday we’ll be doing things a little differently:

No Reservations

This weekend we will not be taking bookings for tables or seats. It’s walk-ups only, friends! This includes Friday night when we’ll have some amazing live music (more on that in a bit.)

Can Bar

We’ll be expecting a lot more guests this weekend (hurray!) so we’ll have a second bar to take care of your rapid tinnies.

Biodegradeable Plastic Cups

Mod Weekender is a busy time and while we’d love to serve you all in proper glassware, we just don’t have that much of it. This weekend we’ll be serving beer, wine and cider in biodegradeable plastic cups for your safety and our speed.


Special event rules this weekend mean you’ll be welcome to take your drinks and snacks out of the bar to enjoy in the town centre. That’s right — take-out snacks, this weekend only!

Tom Metcalfe – Live Music

This Friday 24th September, Tom Metcalfe will be performing at Corto from 8.30pm as part of the Ribble Valley Mod Weekender.

We can’t wait to have his amazing flamenco guitar playing in our bar! We know what you’re thinking – what’s flamenco got to do with Mods? Well, we like it and we reckon Paul Weller would to, so we’re ‘avin it.

Get down early to avoid missing out — entry is free and it’ll be mostly standing room only with chairs for those of you who might need ‘em. Parka jackets and Lambrettas optional.