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Joining A Community

We’re super excited to be opening our bar in Clitheroe. It’s our chosen hometown of 7 years (he’s originally from Great Harwood, I’m originally  from… that’d take ages, let’s just say “Lancaster”) and we love it here. We’ve made friends here. We’ve joined the library. We shop at the market. It’s ace.

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Wine List Tasting with Tom and Matt at Whalley Wine Shop

Two wine bottles, a Provence rose and an orange Albarino. A wine glass is filled with rose wine.

On Wednesday 2nd September (oh my god how is it already SEPTEMBER) we spent an awesome evening in the socially-distanced company of Tom and Matt, part of the Whalley Wine Shop dream team, tasting wines from an importer of cool, groovy, unusual wines.

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What does Corto mean?

Four small measures of beer called "cortos"

When Tom and I travelled to Spain to visit The Spanish Yard hop farming cooperative in Castille y León a couple of years ago, the beauty of the place really floored us. Lush green fields of hop bines reaching up to the hot summer sky, blue-hazed mountains in the distance — it was not a Spain we’d ever experienced before.

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