Corto beer delivery in Clitheroe - natural wine delivery - free delivery within 6 miles of Clitheroe!

Corto – natural wine and craft beer delivery in Clitheroe

We set off making a bar last year, but 2020 had other ideas. Now we’re bringing beer, wine and cider to you with free home delivery within 6 miles of Clitheroe!

Now Corto is a temporary online beer shop and organic and biodynamic wine boutique (ooh fancy), with plenty of delicious real and natural cider and perry from independent makers too.

Great drinks delivered to straight to your door. We can even send beer gifts to your friends and loved ones. Exactly what you need right now!

We never thought we’d be a delivery service – we always wanted to be a wine bar that served beer, cider and snacks. But the pandemic has done a lot of weird things to everyone, and this is what it’s done to us! So let’s get through it together. Ideally with a lovely few cans or a bottle of something great.

Craft Beer

New in - fresh new Rivington Brewery beers including their collab with Cloudwater - free delivery in Clitheroe

We cold store all of our beers in our fridges and cellar, keeping them perfectly fresh direct from brewery to you.

We’re big fans of supporting independent breweries, so you’ll find beers by some of the best indie brewers from the UK, Europe and perhaps further away.

We stock beers by breweries like Beak, Cloudwater, DEYA, Rock Leopard, Queer Brewing, Neptune Brewery, Donzoko, Newbarns, The Kernel, Track, Torrside and loads and loads more. And we’re always getting new beers in all the time! So sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any new releases.

We deliver beer to your door every Friday and Saturday in the Clitheroe area. Let us know if you’re a bit further away and we’ll see how we can help you out. Just email us: hello@cortobar.co.uk

Natural Wine

Katie got obsessed with organic, biodynamic natural wine a couple of years ago, so our selection is pretty out there! Come and explore the wine world with us.

We’ve got orange wine, we’ve got pét nat, we’ve got skin-contact white wine, organic prosecco and a ton of delicious red wines from independent winemakers. Wine delivery in Clitheroe. What more could you want in life?

We can help you with recommendations if you like, and we can pair the perfect wines for your dinner. We love fermented grape juice! And we want you to love it too.


New ciders from Pilton and Eve's Cidery, including Eve's famous Deridder and Pilton's delicious Pomme Pomme

We are big promoters and celebrators of natural and real cider, and in her other career as a drinks writer Katie has been writing about cider for a few years now.

There are so many delicious, beautiful, surprising varieties of cider being made in the UK and beyond thanks to the re-emergence of traditional methods and eco-consciousness.

Cider and perry is a passion of ours, and we’ve already turned a few cider-haters into cider-lovers. Are you gonna be next?